Who Decided Women Had to.....?

I've found myself wondering.... who decided woman had to shave?

It's now autumn time where you tend to hear that a lot of women cannot be bothered to shave! The bikinis have been packed away, the shorts have gone to bed! The long trousers and joggers (thanks Rona) came out early this year! Anyway... do women shave for themselves or because society taught them to?

When I turned about 11 years of age, I was bought an electric razor and taught how to shave, my legs and I was told comments about my hairy arms etc! As I grew into my teens, I was told by peers about shaving pretty much everywhere? But WHY? I am 22 and lazy! It takes so much effort to shave one leg... let alone two! Sam experienced peer pressure and comments in Secondary School about her legs because during PE, wearing shorts etc (I NEVER WORE SHORTS).

Thanks to I was able to learn that the beauty industry forced a razor into women's hands in the twentieth century, it was in 1915 that Gillette realised that they could double their profits by doubling their market! As we know it was just about the two sexes then and not gender like it is now. To wear the latest trend... you had to shave the underarm hair! Okay,,, I am a sucker for after sometime shaving my underarms but my legs... meh! Blah!!

What are the environmental impacts on women shaving everywhere?

In America, two billions razors are disposed of every year! It isn't just the razors that cause the problem! It the shaving foams and gel which ingredients cannot be dissolved in water, which effects our aquatic life! And if you eat fish (I don't get why... see my Vegan Blog) then all the shaving crap ends up on your plate!

Financial Impacts of Shaving?

Well women spend approximately £8000 on hair removal! No wonder we are pressured to! It is a money making trend!

Another question... is there a reason for the hair?

Leg Hair - LEG HAIR HAS A PURPOSE GUYS!! Thank God! It protects your legs from insects! No wonder I haven't been bitten in a while! Also it helps when its cold to regulate your body temperature!

Armpit Hair, oh why are you there? It prevents skin to skin contact during certain activities! Just the same as pubic hair! It helps during SEX sorry... It has to be said!

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Only shave if you want to! Not because society has told you to!

(sorry it is short and sweet today... been one of those days! See you Wednesday!x)

Hope you feel beautiful... with or without hair!

Chloe x


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