Sorry, I have been away.

Sorry I have been away,

I haven't really known what to say.

Sorry I have been away,

All my plans faded and

My brain went to mush.

I thought I had it

And then it went puff!

I had my plans laid out,

A, B and C.

I had it ordered.

1, 2 and 3.

Things were good,

My life was in order.

My depression,

Well I thought you'd taken your orders.

Until yesterday,

It had me in tears.

I no longer had a plan,

Or knew what I wanted.

I now have no job,

Or thoughts to continue making content for you.

So yes, I apologise that I have been gone.

But I can't guarantee when, the show will go on.

I will continue to take time and post what I feel.

I plan to take a new path, I just don't know just yet.

It will come one day, when I reset my routine.

Now the clocks have gone back,

I hope my life hasn't too.

I was moving forward,

I kept my mental illness at bay.

My goals for life were ready to be achieved

But COVID, you took it away.

You have taken away my time, and power.

My power to know what truly matters.

My power to know what is next for this Lowe.

My power to start a clean slate, in order

To achieve our life long dreams.

So for now, I am sorry that

I am away.

I'm still here, watching and thinking

About Plan A.2 .

(I have never posted or written anything like this before, I will be back I promise.)

To my other half, when you read this, Thank you, I love you xx

Chloe Lowe


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