My Birthday 2020!

How did I celebrate my birthday 2020 during the easing of lockdown? Well... I am going to tell you!

Luckily my birthday wasn't exactly a lockdown birthday like my wife Sam's was back in May. However, I spent the upcoming of it not thinking about or planning anything because nobody knew what was next. Also due to previous events in life I get very anxious about my birthday, I get worried and upset, purely do not know how to celebrate it! Sam however wants to always fight past that! She worked up some magic and last minute planning and made something special of it! She explained that all her initial ideas meant wearing a mask all day, or already been booked out! I am so glad they were, otherwise I would never of got the best day out... EVER!!

Let me set the scene, it is a Tuesday morning, I was woken up at 8 o'clock in the morning because Sam set our Bedroom - Google Nest Mini to sing Birthday Music, however I wasn't on Spotify Premium.. sad times! Instead I was woken to The Pointer Sisters! I don't mind but Christ... it is my birthday! Let me attempt to have a lie in!

Anyway, I was created with presents which was a fluffy notebook, a to do list pad and book that I cannot get enough of, Janet Devlin: My Confessional which goes with her latest album, Confessional. I was presented with a birthday card of my wife and a 'mum' card off the two girls filled with paw prints!

Sam then explained that I needed to know what she had planned so I could piece together my outfit and I must wear flat shoes (I don't really wear heels but it was crucial to the activity!) She had booked us in for a "Couples Package" at Ghetto Golf Birmingham! My smile appeared, stretching from ear to ear! A massive hug of thanks. I had been wanting to get the Ghetto Golf experience since it opened back in October 2018. We got ready and hitched an Uber to Digbeth and as we pulled up I seen Birdies Bar and BBQ which I recently seen advertised on Facebook. I was so excited! I later found out the Ghetto and Birdies are the same company which was brain explosion of excitement.

We checked into Ghetto Golf and was presented with the menu, our package vouchers and some wizardry machine - it buzzes when its time for you to enter the course! The atmosphere was insane, the lights, the artwork and the music! It really added to the experience. Also it was so nice that it was an 18+ experience, I work with children but I wanted a day out-out! No children running around or self-consciousness of what you were saying, especially swearing! We entered the 18 hole golf course and I discovered I am terrible at golf and ball games... must be a lesbian thing! (I'm joking!) I feel as if this is the point I should talk about my favourite holes and least favourite but I seriously do not know what to choose. Most frustrating would be the 'Toilet' course, my golf ball got stuck under the bath, took ages to get it out and a million attempts to get in the bog. Most inventive... the bus! I loved it and the sign next to it which talks about paying it no attention! I also loved towards the end when my shoe laces went neon, as well as the clubs. This was just past the Tenpin setup. Oh and the ping-pong and Nintendo course was amazing! Honestly, Sam and I had so much fun! Got very warm though especially on the top floor!

When the course finished we sat down and got to 'spend' our vouchers... unfortunately this day they were a few ingredients short for both food and cocktails. I was gutted about the seitan but it's an excuse to go back! We drank our cocktails and had the most amazing loaded fries. I had the 'Orimental! Kamikaze fries' it was the best taste ever. The only way I can describe it is as if, someone had got the taste of a Chinese and put it over chips! I could of ate them over and over again! We left and ventured into Birdies Bar and wow! The drinks were so good! They share the same menu, cooked by the Apocalyptic Cow. Honestly, it didn't feel like a lockdown birthday at all! It was so much fun and very good value for money! I cannot wait to go back!

For those interested the Couples Package is £44, included 4 drinks vouchers, 2 'snack' vouchers which are on the left hand side of the menu and a condom just in case, as they call it... get lucky or "hole in one"! Cringe-worthy I know! And Sam beat me! I am very competitive but it was close!

If you want to see more about my birthday then please watch the video down below!

So that in a nutshell tells you how I celebrated turning 22!

I hope today reminds me how beautiful you are!

Chloe xx


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