Autumn Is Here!

Happy second day of Autumn or Fall if your from the states!

I see people on Instagram raving about how much they love the season, and I have never really felt anything towards it, apart from it get cold, dark and public transport use it to their advantage to be late. It is not quite the same as summer, when you are out in the sun, enjoying cocktails but due to what feels like sleep deprivation and just the mess of 2020, I now drink COFFEE! So if Autumn now associated with Coffee I wonder, with coffee shops including oat milk and pumpkin spice and syrups. Is this the year to celebrate fall?

I want to capture memories in the final parts of twenty - twenty, make every cup of cappuccino count, turtle neck jumpers around my neck, crisp mornings and the sound of leaves underneath my feet. I want wrap a blanket around my shoulders, and star at the stars. I would like see Harmony react to the sounds of leaves.

I'm sitting here thinking about what traditions to start as a couple, places to visit, hopefully local as we all know Miss Corona is on the rise again and neither of us drive so the idea of public transport is unnerving. If I was going to visit somewhere this autumn it would be to Beacon Park, Lichfield. The park and coffee shop holds a lot of memories for Sam and I. We enjoy watching the rabbits and squirrels be free, reliving memories and hoping to create new ones! Another thing we would love to do this autumn is spend a weekend at a local spa, with a lot of natural spaces, sitting in the outdoors with a glass of wine or two. Just relaxing, not worrying about anything. Just the two of us!

I would like to try new recipes this season too, experimenting with the squash family and I have never cooked with a pumpkin. Start baking autumn sweet treats using berries and cinnamon. We could experiment with apple cider too! Yum!

If anyone local to Birmingham have any amazing suggestions of what to do this autumn, or idea of nice, easy couple dates to do over the festive season, whilst I countdown the day until I can watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, then feel free to comment!

Stay warm, stay safe and I hope I fall in love with Autumn like a lot of you do!

Please stay alert for my next blog as it is super personal to me!

Happy Autumn!x

Stay happy, beautiful and remember whatever it is, you have got this!

Chloe xx


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