About the Lowe's: Part 2


Sorry, this post has taken me so long! I have had anxiety and writers block! Hooray! Not really something you want to experience after only publishing one post! Feel free to share similar experiences. I am transitioning back to work too – post pandemic and being jobless!

Last time I wrote how Sam and I transitioned from strangers to friends and to getting together! Honestly, that is my favourite part of our story especially now everyone looks on Tinder, etc.! I’m going to try and capture the last 4 years in this post and skip the negative parts for now – this is all outside issues which we had from the get go but without that I wouldn’t have discovered friends that became my family!

A lot of the ‘major’ stuff happened early on for us – apparently, it is a lesbian thing! As I have mentioned previously, I lived in a hostel, where Sam and I took it in turns to visit each other but from mid-August I was never home! I only really went home to get stuff for work, grab post and just go to work to be honest with you! So, the obvious discussion came of when we would move in together and we originally set the date to October – giving it chance to work! But you – know I was a Murphy, so we do not plan things! I will explain… I celebrated my 18th Birthday with Sam, four years ago tomorrow! I stayed the night before and had a fabulous time! I was also itching to get a tattoo which I managed to get the next day (2/9/16) I got gifts such as flowers, skull/bat globe (snow globe) , promise rings (which didn’t fit oops) and a bottle wine which I happily shared at roughly 9 o’clock in the morning). We went out to a few pubs, and it was fabulous, after already starting to celebrate it the bank holiday before at Solihull Summer Fest – watching bands such as UB40, artists such as my now favourite Janet Devlin, Lucy Spraggan and more! September 2nd, I went and got my tattoo and decided that I was going to move in! I basically lived there anyway and hated my home – it made me shaky, anxious, lonely and I felt unsafe! I will not go into details here, but Sam was only really my constant at that time living on my own! But apparently, I was irrational for wanting to live in a flat, I pretty much lived in anyway! I am still here!

Tangent control! – I am back! Positive vibes only today!

Transporting my stuff from Flat A – B, how did we do that? Neither of us could drive, and property A&B was approximately 6.8 miles away from each other. It was quite simple really, I had my tattoo of more than 4 and half-hour, went to Sam’s cousin, drove to my flat, black bagged everything and grabbed stuff I had slowly been packaging put it in the car and wait for it to be driven locally to our place I went downstairs (the office/reception part) acted all friendly, collected my post, I paid my rent and had a chin-wag. Sam and helpers returned to grab the final bits, but we could not fit in the car. So, I took Sam downstairs, and handed my keys and told them I was leaving! They looked panicked, I gave them contact numbers, etc. and left! The shock horror to them was that due to a DHP (discretionary Housing Payment) I filled for a few weeks prior, that was rewarded when I left – they owed me rent! How fabulous! I loved it!

Fast forward – skipping past switching jobs, etc.! If you would like to know about this, then please comment or email me in the contact me section.

Now the unplanned engagement! I was literally just at the bus stop — waiting to be picked up and head to meet Sam and a friend for dinner and I decided I wanted to marry her — I didn’t have a ring or a romantic spot but she said yes anyway!

Augh! Okay – skip forward to 2017 roughly the last half/quarter comes in when the real wedding planning comes in! We did our wedding on about £2,000/£2,500! We got married 10/03/18 and was blessed 11/03/18. I didn’t want a wedding dress; my wedding dress came because a friend didn’t want the party dress she orders! I tried it on, and it was the one! I loved it — got some comments over it because people wanted to buy it me or the colour was pink and how do I know just by trying it on — but I just knew! I also let Sam see it – no surprises here!

Luckily, a friend offered to take our photos as he was a trainee, if he could use them! Planned our wedding over two days – our bridesmaids had a flower from Wilko, they wore their own black clothes and a coloured accessory. We got married in our local registry office, had photos in the courtyard and walked about 40 people through Brindley Place until we found a pub that could fit us all in!

The following day we had planned our reception at our local club. They decorated it for us. We got at offer for LOVE letters and a photo-booth, Sam’s childhood best friend did our catering for us. It was so nice and so simple, we felt really connected to our guests – especially after this moment!

Our blessing – 11/03/2018 x

Honestly, the last four years have been an up and down roller coaster, looking into starting a family, decorating, decluttering, courses, redundancies, accessing the benefit system. We have also looked at moving cities and all sorts! Our honeymoon was our first ever time abroad, but I could not have picked my better forever – even if it only started when I was 17 and married at 19. Age gap or no age gap, the best relationships are built organically and by simply being friends!

I would love to hear from you! Please head over to my Instagram for a look into my crazy and sometimes boring life!

Remember to love yourself – love Chloe xx


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