About the Lowe's: Part 1

Firstly, thank you for coming here! Now you have learned a little bit about me (you can find this in the “about me” section). I would like to take you on a journey in parts about “Lowe”, as Lowe isn’t my maiden name. I took this name when I married my best friend, Sam. (Yes, a woman Sam.)

Sam and I met where she used to work not far from our home. The typical story of me, who was the (volunteer) receptionist and simply became friends over a period! Especially when she bought the whole main office pizza to celebrate my last day! (just kidding, we were good friends anyway.). At this time, I was openly bisexual and had not long finished with my ex-girlfriend, and (my first girlfriend), let alone know Sam was a lesbian too!

During this period, I was trying to get a place of my own using St Basils, a youth homeless charity in Birmingham, which received mix reviews off my family and personal life. (Please note, I was not thrown out, it was just what was best for me.) Eventually, after a few viewings and deciding that I was going to stay home, another property on the other side of town (Birmingham) came available so I decided to look. With no time to discuss this with my support worker, who I had only met once, just about enough time to talk to Sam because she was the only one, I had told. That was it; I had the keys purely because in their eyes I was classed as homeless and it was the better ones out of what I had seen. With a mixed reaction from family, that was it I was turning on my electric supply, taking buses forwards and backwards between Kingstanding and Small Heath with bags full of my stuff! Sam was my absolute rock during this process, and I really think this what built a solid foundation for our friendship. A couple of weeks after taking the keys, I finally moved in with the final help of the Uncle that hated where I was moving too!

My Knightess in shining armour took the afternoon off work to finish helping me and the most important part ASDA shopping! Oh, what fun! From overspending, having to put over half the shopping back and Sam buying my essentials, bread, milk, pasta etc! The diamond! We dragged it all the way home, the flat (the name I gave it) which coincidentally shared the same door number as hers, the flat we live in now! During this time, we continued to hang out, be on the phone to each other, staying over at each other’s places, cooking for each other and with no discussion, sharing a bed!

Let us cut to the feelings… One morning, yes… a work morning! The alarm went off over at my place, and I hadn’t had the important cuppa tea which I once relied up on, when Sam decides to tell me she had feelings for me and she loved me but she didn’t want it to ruin our friendship. With no time to talk, we had to go on with our day, but a trip to her place mended the situation and continued to stay the best of friends. Until the 11th August 2018, the day we took a trip to Beacon Park, Lichfield. We had tea etc. in the Lakeside Bistro, sitting outside watching the rabbits and birds, enjoying the sun discussing and searching for houses together (please note we were just friends) saying we would (imaginary) buy a three bed house local to the park, we’d share a room, have children in the second and foster in the third. On the night we went back to mine and I said “You don’t know how much you mean to me” That was it! The rest is now history! The worry of our age gap of 23 years disappeared… even though at this point we didn’t know the mixed reactions we were going to get!

I hope you keep watching to find out what important events happen next!

Part two will include moving in together, our engagement and maybe the ending of how I became Mrs Lowe!

Remember as always, you are strong, beautiful, brave and I hope the world reminds you how amazing you are!

Chloe xx


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