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This blog was launched to be my diary, learning to communicate feelings, emotions, and experiences in a social media world. Where the world feels so mighty but finding people you relate to can feel so small. Observing young people (and all) generate regular content to fit around their life and I’d like to attempt that too.

Therefore, I’m starting here. I hope to present to you that you can discover experiences in your ordinary life. Follow posts that talk about a range of topics and not just one, such as becoming a vegan, PCOS, being gay, wanting to become a same-sex family, maybe a splash of mental health for good measure, and just being me. A Lowe!

So now about me… the tricky bit. I’d like to think I was just an ordinary girl exploring the world but I can’t find anybody like me. Experiencing emotionally disconnects, putting myself into a hostel at 17, finding a new life, and getting married at 19! On a fun note, I enjoy a creative cocktail or three! If you’d like to hear more like this or hop on this crazy ride then please sign up to receive all my recent posts straight to your inbox. ​

Thank you! I hope today reminds you how beautiful you are!! ​

Chloe xx


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